Accomplishing Your New Years Resolution This Time

Dated: 12/04/2017

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Will you make all the way to December 31, 2018

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or give up before January 31, 2018?

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The trick to keeping your New Year’s Resolution is to set a goal you can actually reach! If you say you’re going to walk on the moon in 2018, ok that probably won’t happen. Image title

If you say you’re going to make a Bucket List and cross two items off of it in 2018, now that’s possible.

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Make more than one resolution. But if you decide to focus on only one thing for the year, don’t make it so easy that you finish by January 3, 2018!!

“I will clean out the garage this year!” Great! You’re all motivated and ready to go, so motivated that you finish on New Year’s Day. Or better yet, you pay the kid next door to do it and he finishes on New Year’s Day while you’re watching football. And now you’re done for the year! And don’t have to do anything else. Yeah, you succeeded in accomplishing your New Year’s Resolution!!!!

I don’t think it works that way!! 

And for all of you that are laughing right now, admit it. You’re guilty!

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Keep it simple and make sure you add a couple of fun things to the list. Stick to it and stay focused. It will be worth it on December 31, 2018!!

Have a great year!!

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